About us

A shopping day at Costco, a family vacation to Disneyland, a summer night at the fair- can you smell the warm cinnamon sugar and imagine the taste of that crunchy, gooey dough yet?  It didn't take long after going gluten free for me to realize that there wasn't a single gluten free churro to be found... not even at the happiest place on earth. 

Everyone deserves a churro.  At Chuhoo's we've found the secret sauce for making your childhood memories come to life- no gluten necessary.  We've made it our mission to make sure there are equal opportunities for everyone to enjoy these iconic sugar sticks.  Some might even call us activists. Join the movement today from the comfort of your very own, cross-contamination free kitchen today, and create your own happiest place on earth. 

Gourmet.  Gluten Free.  Chuhoos.  You'll be surprised at just how easy it is.