Traveling Churros

Did you know Chuhoo's was named after the sweet sound of a churro being pronounced in Portuguese? In Brazil a double R  (chu_rr_o) is pronounced like an "h."  CHUHOOOO BIG SUMMER BLOW OUT!

We love the idea of this gourmet goodie being experienced globally.  Take your churro with you on your next adventure for a chance to be featured on our page!  Next time you're out and about enjoying a delicious Chuhoo, snap a pic and tag us in it!  Your memory will be that much sweeter, and you may just find that your Chuhoo's multiply when you do!

Someone once told us our chuhoos were even better than the ones they would have every night in Spain while living there... so all we're saying is take your Chuhoos to Spain and help us prove it!